Suzanne Bed Linens

Suzanne Bed Linens

€285,00 - €11.350,00

Suzanne, as well as Séraphine, are inspired by the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson's flower pickings in the gardens of their French residence, the Moulin de la Tuilerie. These vegetal paintings, one hand embroidered, the other printed, depict the lush English gardens which sheltered their love for D. Porthault’s world.

Material: 100% Cotton Voile 

Products (sold separately):

  1. Sheet Sets
    They include 1 bottom sheet, 1 top sheet and 2 shams (only 1 for the 180 3P. sets). The bottom sheet can be made into a fitted sheet (with elastics at the corners) on request. The top sheet and shams are hand-embroidered.
  1. Duvet Covers
    They are hand-embroidered and finished with a natural mother of pearl button closure.
  1. Shams
    They are finished with hand-embroideries. They can be combined with duvet covers or come as a supplement in sheet sets, as well as in Mix & Match with other collections.